The Sugden Difference

Sugden products are handmade by a single highly skilled technician. All aspects of construction are carried out in house, including circuit board assembly. Case components are hand finished in the Sugden custom engineering shop and screen printing is also an in house operation.

Although Sugden digital products have grown significantly in recent years, amplifiers remain the major part of the Sugden portfolio. The first commercial JES amplifiers appeared in the 60's and we still service these superb products today.

When you purchase a Sugden product you will have a unique piece of equipment that will give you many year of musical enjoyment. Sugden audio products, like the popular Bijou series, can be used to power your wired outdoor speakers, home entertainment system or musical instruments such as the piano or electric guitar. What's even better about Sugden products is that each and every product comes with a 5 year constructional workmanship warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.

Sugden Fusion 21

Sugden Audio A21SE

Sugden A21SE